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London TravelWatch investigates: What is the future of London’s transport network?

Where, when and how will people be travelling once the current pandemic is finally over? London TravelWatch is looking to answer these questions and we want to involve Londoners in the process.

Over the course of the pandemic there have been many rapid changes to life in London. We have had to adapt our day to day lives to allow for social distancing. Many of the things we took for granted as normal have changed fundamentally: including transport and travel. Many people may have been working from home when they used to commute into London every day. Working patterns, shopping habits and socialising may have been changed too. For others, less may have changed, and they may still be doing their usual journey to work or to care for friends and family.
Proposal to extend Congestion Charge zone can reignite the debate on roads pricing

One of the last things we had thought would have come out of this current crisis was a proposal for the extension of the Congestion Charge beyond its current boundaries, to the north and south circular roads. It seemed even supporters of roads user charging didn’t know quite what to think and say. But maybe we were all wrong footed and this could open up the debate about the fairest and most effective way of reducing traffic on our roads. Charging could help to solve a number of the trickiest and intractable issues in London, indeed in the UK and beyond. London still leads the world as the central area scheme is still the largest area-wide traffic management scheme. Could it again be the first to take another giant leap?
Axing the Zip card will only make things worse on London’s congested roads

London’s transport watchdog has warned that axing free travel for Oyster Zip card holders could turn young Londoners away from public transport and help embed a dependency on the car in the future.

In a letter to MPs, London TravelWatch highlighted the findings of its latest survey with Transport Focus which show that 33% of Londoners plan to use their car even more once the current pandemic is over*. Parents are even more likely to say that they will drive more in future than non-parents. This is a worrying trend especially given a major finding in research commissioned by the Department for Transport in 2014** that the Zip card scheme reduced car travel and normalised bus use, helping to reduce car dependence in later life.
Tier 2 Covid Restrictions - How will they effect travel in London?

As of 12.01am on Saturday 17 October London will be placed under the Government’s new Tier 2 Covid-19 restrictions. This will mean that Londoners will be prevented from doing a number of things in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus.

But what exactly does Tier 2 mean for those wanting to travel and what limitations will be in place? We’ve tried to break this down in a simple and clear way. We hope it helps to clear things up and give some reassurance during this difficult time.

Response to tightening of Covid-restrictions for London

Responding to the announcement today that London will be moving into tier 2 of Covid-restrictions on Friday at midnight, London TravelWatch Director, Emma Gibson included: 'With the Government now saying that people should should reduce the number of journeys they make where possible, it is really important to try and avoid peak times if you have to travel and where possible to stay local and walk or cycle. We have lots of advice on our website about how people can avoid busy routes and walk across the city instead of using the Tube.’
Response to announcement about Thameslink on the Tube map

Responding to new TfL Commissioner Andy Byford's announcement that Thameslink stations will be added to the Tube map by Christmas, London TravelWatch Director Emma Gibson said 'London TravelWatch has been campaigning for Thameslink stations to be added to the Tube map to give people more opportunities to socially distance on public transport. We even produced our own map this summer to give TfL a nudge. Now, new TfL Commissioner Andy Byford says that the idea is a 'no brainer' and that they will be added by Christmas. This is great news for Londoners.'

Our key asks for transport as more people return to work in the capital


London TravelWatch has published 10 key asks for TfL, train companies and councils to make sure that public transport can cope with an increased number of passengers as more people start to return to work in London this week.


What can people expect if they are travelling on public transport in London this week?

Read a summary of the answers to our questions to TfL and train companies on safety and security concerns as more people get back to work this week.

Information for passengers seeking season ticket refunds during the Coronavirus crisis

Many passengers in and around London may have rail season tickets which they now cannot use. We’ve published a new webpage with key information passengers will need if they are making a season ticket refund request. We've also been calling for the Government and rail operators to make the refund process clearer and fairer for passengers.

Coronavirus travel information

You can find information about how National Rail operators and TfL are responding to the coronavirus on our dedicated news page.


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