The London TravelWatch Campaigns and Advocacy and Communications teams work together to push for improvements to the travel experiences of people who use transport across the capital. We keep a close eye on transport operators and the industry as a whole to ensure that they are doing their best for the people using their services.

We do this through a variety of ways such as through our specific campaigns on digital exclusion, personal security and freeing up London’s buses. We also push for improvements both behind the scenes and publicly by putting pressure on operators and train companies to fix issues we and members of the public make us aware of. We use social media to spread awareness of the latest news happening in the transport world and to both praise the good things we see and callout things that aren’t.

Our teams rely heavily on feedback from Londoners who are our eyes and ears on the ground. If you’d like to be part of our community and help to improve transport in London please consider signing up to our digital community.