How much does it cost to use the Elizabeth line?

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The fares on the central section of the Elizabeth line (Paddington to Liverpool Street) are the same as the fares on London Underground in Zone 1. So travelling from Paddington to Liverpool Street would cost you £2.80 – the same as the Tube.

Journeys to Heathrow that include travel in/via Zone 1 include a ‘Heathrow premium’ compared with the same single journey on the Tube.

Below you can find a table comparing the cost and journey times of using the Elizabeth line from London Paddington to Heathrow Airport against the Tube and the Heathrow Express. As you will see, the Elizabeth line sits in-between offering both the cheapest fare and the quickest way to the airport.


National Rail fares apply on journeys outside Zone 6 to places like Brentwood, Shenfield or west of West Drayton towards Reading. For example, it costs £27.60 when using contactless between Paddington and Reading at peak times and £12.00 off peak.

You can use contactless throughout the Elizabeth line. Oyster cards and valid Travelcards are also accepted, but not west of West Drayton.

Daily and weekly price capping on Oyster and Contactless apply giving people the peace of mind that they are paying the best fare. For example, you don’t pay more than £14.90 a day for journeys in Zones 1-6.

What about Freedom Pass holders?

Freedom Pass holders can travel across the entire length of the Elizabeth line free of charge, even to stations like Iver and Reading that fall outside the London Fare Zones area.

If you have an Older Persons Freedom Pass you can travel for free after 9am on weekdays and from anytime at weekends.

If you have a Disabled Persons Freedom Pass you can travel for free at anytime on both weekdays and at weekends.

How much time can you save using the Elizabeth line compared to alternative routes?

The improved connectivity of the Elizabeth line means many journeys will now be direct and significantly quicker, in fact some will take less than half the time.

Example of time savings:

  • Abbey Wood to Liverpool Street will take 18 mins rather than 45 mins
  • Abbey Wood to Paddington will take 29 mins rather than 55 mins
  • Woolwich to Custom House will take 4 mins rather than 25 mins
  • Canary Wharf to Liverpool Street will take 7 mins rather than 19 mins
  • Paddington to Liverpool Street will take 11 mins rather than 20 mins

How accessible are Elizabeth line stations?

Nine of the 10 new Elizabeth line stations and Heathrow are fully accessible, with step-free access from street to trains. At Custom House station, wheelchair users need to board the fifth carriage of Elizabeth line trains for level access.

All Elizabeth line stations are step-free from street to platform.