“I appreciate your awareness of these facts and that there is nothing further that London TravelWatch can do, but just wanted to sound off to a sympathetic ear. Thank you for your kind assistance with the time and efforts invested to pursue this with TfL on my behalf and whilst the adverse outcome is suboptimal, there is consolation in knowing that you were sympathetic and indeed felt that TfL is acting unreasonably under the circumstances.”
“Thank you for your assistance in this matter. I only wish that I did not have to raise a complaint with a third-party watchdog, as it was a straightforward resolution and could’ve been handled much quicker. That’s what you’re there for I suppose, so thank you for doing a good job and helping me get this issue resolved.”
“Thank you so much! Your dogged perseverance is hugely appreciated. What a fantastic job you have done for me!”
“Thanks again for your help, it is really good to have an organisation like yours where real people sort out the complications brought about by too much automated processing of matters like this.”
“Thank you for your email and all your efforts which are appreciated. As you have extracted an apology and admission from TFL I am satisfied to accept £20 compensation and close the matter.”
“Thank you for your reply. And thank you for investigating my complaint with TfL. I am very happy with the outcome and I thank you for taking the time to investigate. I have received the £50 from TfL.”
“Thank you for all your support.”
“Thanks for your response, I have checked the status of every single PCN online and it seems they have all now been cancelled. Thank you for your time and efforts in helping resolve this.”
“Thank you for your efforts in trying to get this PFN overturned. Your empathy and the vigorous way you have gone about advocating on my behalf is very much appreciated.”
“Thank you so much for your help and assistance in this. I am honestly very grateful that there are bodies like yourselves that can help the little person against the big companies”
“Thank you so so so much for your help, I really appreciate you! They have successfully refunded me.”
“Thank you ever so much for resolving this for me. I can’t tell you how grateful we are.
However, thanks to your fantastic efforts the stress has now gone away and will be forever appreciated”.
“Apologies I meant to email you – TFL refunded me £200 on 17th August . Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it!”
“I am doing much better upon receiving your email. Thank you so much for appealing this for me. I don’t think you know the level of stress you have removed from me”
“You’ve been just amazing Sean . I am so grateful for the way you have treated me and explained everything. All vulnerable people ever want and need is to feel respected and hopefully helped and supported. Thank you for being one of the good guys. I consider your help invaluable and I wish you all the best for your career.”
“Thank you, it’s good to hear TfL have identified an issue and resolving this.”
“Thank you for getting my refund and compensation arranged.”
“That is great news, thank you so much for your help!”
“I wanted to confirm that TFL have provided a full refund. So, a successful outcome. Thanks for your help!”
“Thank you so much for all of your help – we thrilled with the outcome and thank you for your continued communication with TfL. Please let us know if you need any other information from us.”
“Thank you so much for your help and a fruitful outcome.”
“Thank you so much for your help and for explaining things. That’s makes perfect sense and I will consider this on future journeys.”
“Thank you for the update and for confirming that TfL has cancelled the other 2 outstanding PCN charges.”
“Thank you for your email. This is great news!”
“Thanks you so much for your help, were it not for your intervention I am sure that I would not have received the payment.”
“Very happy with the result here and all your hard work to achieve it.”
“Thank you so so much, I appreciate more than you can imagine. I understand it’s your job but it felt as thought you were the only person through this process who listened and cared to what I had to say.”
“Very grateful to you for taking this up on my behalf. Very impressed with your good and efficient work.”
“Thanks for all your help.”
“Thank you very much for your help with appealing for this case on my behalf. I am pleased with the outcome and I appreciate your support.”
“Many thanks for this! Great work!”
“Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your reply that’s fantastic news and more than I hoped for – so very pleased. I hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you again for your help and excellent service.”
“Thank you so much for looking into my case. I’m really glad that got resolved it.”
“Thank you very much for your help with this, it’s very much appreciated.”
“Your contact is much appreciated. I thank you for your time and consideration in dealing with my request regarding this penalty appeal.”
“Thank you so much for your work on this, we really do appreciate your time and effort.”
“Thank you very much for your email. I am extremely grateful for your help and future advice.”
“I just want to say also that I really appreciate the work you have undertaken regarding my appeal. It was so important to me that the disability issues and the frozen screens issue were both brought up and dealt with. It wasn’t purely about the penalty. So, thank you again!”
“Thank you very much for your assistance & prompt response in this matter. Appreciate this is out of your control & wanted to thank you again for raising on my behalf.”
“I really do appreciate all the help that you have given to get to a final resolution and can confirm that the payment has been received.”
“I cannot begin to thank you for your time and effort, I was running out of options regarding my appeals.”
“Thank you very much for your help with my case, I really appreciate it!”
“I want to thank you for your exceptional service, both initially in replying promptly to my correspondence, and for succeeding in obtaining a refund of the train tickets where I had been unsuccessful.”
“A refund of the train tickets was what I was hoping for so I am very grateful.”
“Thanks so much for your efforts, happy to hear about the €86 voucher proposal.” 
“Many thanks for your update on the responses you have received.”
“This is a fantastic outcome – thanks for the work you put into helping me. I really do appreciate it.” 
“Thank you for your positive response. I appreciate your help in this matter.”
“Thank you for your response and for all your time and hard work in contacting Greater Anglia.”
“Thank you Margaret. It wouldn’t have happened without your efforts. Wasn’t expecting that.”
“Thank you for your email. This is great news! I don’t know how to thank you, it is just the outcome that I thought to be the fairest for everyone, and you made it! Thank you again.” 
“Eurostar just sent me the e-voucher. I would like to express my gratitude for your help. Many, many thanks.”
“Thank you very much for your help. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the apologies from TfL. I understand that they work hard, but I believe that every constructive feedback can be beneficial to everyone. I wish you every success in your work and life.”
“Thanks for the update plus your time and effort following up on the case.”
“Thank you so much for all your help it has not gone unnoticed.”
“Thanks for your help, it was very much appreciated. It wouldn’t have happened without you.”
“I wanted to express to you and your grand organisation my heartfelt gratitude for your prompt support in the matter I sought your assistance about earlier this month. I am pleased to inform you that Eurostar have kindly resolved the matter in a manner that is extremely professional and above the normal standard of customer care we are used to in these circumstances. My deep gratitude to both your firms and you as their excellent personnel.”
“I can’t thank you enough for not giving up though even if the outcome was unsatisfactory.”
“Thank you so much for your successful intervention in my case. I’m so happy that Eurostar have finally agreed to give me a refund! Thank you again. I can’t tell you what a relief it is after two and a half years. You are doing a fantastic job!”
“You have been incredibly helpful as this resolution is the exact one I have been asking for since the beginning of my conversations with Eurostar and it is only after contacting you that Eurostar has agreed that it does make sense in my case that the qualifying points get transferred. So again, many thanks for your help! This case is now solved thanks to you.”
“Thanks guys for your work, really appreciate what you do for the public!”
“I’m very happy with the outcome – more so the website clarity than the money! – and want to thank you for taking this forward on my behalf as it wouldn’t have been resolved without your help.”
“That is absolutely amazing – thank you so much for pursuing this issue on my behalf! I really appreciate your tenacity and TFL’s acknowledgement of the complaint. I accept their apology unconditionally and completely satisfied with the resolution.”
“With your great help and support Trainline has refunded my Eurostar train tickets after more than 2 years. I would like to thank you very much for this, I would certainly not have succeeded on my own.” 
“Thank you for handling this case. I can confirm that Trainline have been in contact with me and I have received the refund. I can’t thank you enough – this case has been going on for 2 years and it felt as if I was just going round in circles. Really appreciate all your help.”
“I would like to thank you for the time you have taken to look into this matter for me.”
“May I express my heartfelt thanks for all the help you and your teammates have given to me. Thanks for being there for me and all other commuters in London. You have made a difference to our life!”
“Thank you so much for your help and I have to say, I am very impressed with the service you offer”
“You are doing a great job.”
“I’m sincerely very grateful for all your assistance with the matter, as without your support, this would not have been possible.”
“Many thanks for this and your great work.”
“That’s very efficient and I’m really grateful to you.”
“Hi! I wanted to write in to say that I’m really glad to hear TravelWatch is pushing the agenda of bus priority… I appreciate the newsletter and am glad to know there is a group advocating for passengers like me.”
“Thank you very much. Your help is still very much appreciated.”
“I want to congratulate you on raising all these issues, especially about incentivising and facilitating a shift away from cars and towards public transport and active travel.”
“All power to you in your campaigns!”
“Thanks again for your perseverance with TfL, it is appreciated.”
“I really appreciate your newsletters.”
“Thanks for being our watchdog.”