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Review of popular transport apps

London TravelWatch has been testing out some of the main mobile phone travel apps on the market to see how they fare, particularly when it comes to offering information on crowding and busyness of services and stations.
London TravelWatch 4 Mayoral asks

Mayoral asks

Ahead of this year's election, London TravelWatch has picked out its top 4 asks for next Mayor of London.
The Journey Ahead Report Front Page

The Journey Ahead

Read London TravelWatch's latest report looking to what the future might hold for London's transport system.
TfL ticket machine

Cashless stations campaign

Read about London TravelWatch's campaign to prevent TfL from removing the option for people to use cash to purchase tickets at their stations and ticket machines.
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Welcome to London TravelWatch

The official transport watchdog for London representing the interests of transport users in and around the capital.