Below you will find a list of successes that we have achieved for Londoners in recent years.


In 2023 we:


In 2022 we:


In 2021 we:

  • had several of our Mayoral asks taken up by leading candidates and included in their manifestos including commitments to prioritise the bus and improve bus services in outer London, and keep bus fares low
  • persuaded TfL to drop its plans to make all its stations in London cashless
  • we persuaded TfL to commit to lowering the Oyster Auto Top up limit from £20 to £10
  • our suggestion to give real time information to rail passengers about when lifts are out of order is included in the Great British Railways White paper (p74)
  • persuaded TfL to improve the information on their website, journey planner and TfL Go app about travel during the pandemic, with information to help passengers avoid busy stations and services
  • brought TfL and the Rail Industry together to improve co-operation on data sharing, which has led to better information being given to transport users about the busyness of services


And in 2020 we: