19 October 2021

Today London TravelWatch and London First along with a diverse alliance of other organisations* have written to the Chancellor ahead of the Government’s spending review to warn against premature cuts to services and make the case for maintaining service levels to keep the capital moving.

London TravelWatch Director, Emma Gibson commented: ‘Over the coming months, people will be making critical decisions on how they will travel in the post-pandemic period. But many other people are yet to return to regular travel and are wary about using public transport. It is important that when they do decide to return, London’s public transport network is still running the high-quality, affordable, high-frequency bus, train and Tube services that make it an attractive option.’

Emma continued: ‘London is more reliant on public transport than any other region of the country. Londoners who need public transport to access jobs and services are often from some of the country’s most deprived communities. Today we’ll also be showing MPs a video with some powerful contributions from key workers and disabled passengers telling us how vital public transport has been to them in the last year.’

Further information

  1. London TravelWatch is the operating name for the London Transport Users Committee. We are the official watchdog representing the interests of transport users in and around London, and independent of the transport operators and government. London TravelWatch is sponsored and funded by the London Assembly, part of the Greater London Authority.
  2. *A full list of Alliance members can be found on this microsite.
  3. You can view the video of key workers on our You Tube channel.
  4. For more information, please contact the London TravelWatch press office on 07734 055494.
London TravelWatch London TravelWatch London TravelWatch
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