30 August 2022

Eurostar have advised that their phone lines will continue to remain closed during September as they are concerned that opening them at the end of August would mean that they would quickly become overwhelmed again by the numbers of passengers trying to contact them. London TravelWatch does not have a way to reach Eurostar beyond our standard appeal service. We are unable to facilitate booking amendments on behalf of passengers and have been advised that most changes to journeys can be managed via Eurostar’s website .

London TravelWatch recommends that passengers log any complaints and request for refunds as usual.  Eurostar have advised us that where refunds or vouchers are due, they will honour them provided the claim was submitted prior to the journey taking place.

London TravelWatch is dismayed by this continued closure and will be looking for assurance that similar future closures will not be part of Eurostar’s plan to cope with large numbers of outstanding contacts. We will continue to liaise with Eurostar and encourage them to reopen their telephone lines as soon as possible. Eurostar’s contact form is also available here.

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