Personal security

Personal security - initial findings

The issue of personal safety while travelling has always been high on the agenda for transport users, but it has been in the spotlight in recent months.

We know ‘feeling safe’ can mean different things to different people. Some people may be more concerned with particular areas, types of transport or specific incidents they want to avoid. Whether its worrying about muggings or theft, racist or sexist insults, or catcalling and sexual harassment, there are a number of things that people hope to avoid when they are travelling.


We are investigating what personal safety means to London Transport users

London TravelWatch have conducted new research with transport users to identify priorities for London’s decision makers and transport providers to find out what needs to be done to increase the safety of London’s transport users.

We have been working with a research agency to investigate the key issues around safety and what might help keep people safe. You can view the initial findings of this research below:

Click here to read our personal security research findings

We have also come up with a set of recommendations for transport providers, the police and the Mayor of London to improve personal security:

London TravelWatch recommendations to improve personal security for people travelling around London

The transport industry must work with policing authorities to:

1) Build Trust and Empower people

  • Convince people that it’s worth making a report, and that it will be followed up and taken seriously
  • Reassess the tone of communications and messaging to ensure that they build trust in the reporting process and empower all people involved to act, whether they are directly involved or bystanders

2) Commit to public education campaigns

  • Convince and educate people that the British Transport Police (BTP) and Metropolitan Police are there for all incidents, not just terrorism.

3) Agree on a ‘playbook’ for bystanders

  • Create a clear set of simple actions that bystanders can safely take to support victims in the moment or after an incident takes place.

4) Make use of technology

  • Make it easy, quick and straightforward to report an incident or crime via an app that people find convenient.
    Explore how CCTV and video footage can be better used to encourage reporting and evidence gathering
The Mayor of London should:

5) Improve The Travelling Environment

  • Co-ordinate a new strategy for night-time safety that includes the transport network, building on the Women’s Night Safety Charter
  • Ensure there are frequent services so people don’t have to wait too long for the next train or bus

We have also published a blog focussing on our work with the Young Women’s Trust to find out what young women in particular feel about safety when travelling in London.