To appeal to us, you can write or email us.

As London TravelWatch deals with appeals for more than one organisation please be aware that emails you receive from our Casework Team will end in

Correspondence which contains abusive or racist comments will not be tolerated or responded to and may be passed to the police.

Find out how we use your information.

What we need to know

We need to know why you are unhappy with the operator’s response and to look at all previous correspondence.
Therefore, if possible:

  • when posting your complaint to us, please enclose any background papers
  • when emailing us, please include as much information as possible
  • It would also be useful for you to tell us your desired outcome and what you believe the operator should do to resolve the issue

If you are unable to do this, we will need to ask the operator to provide any background papers. Until we look at all the correspondence we will not be able to move forward with your appeal.

London TravelWatch will always try to come back to you within 10 working days of receiving responses from the transport company. However, we cannot give a deadline to the transport company for them to respond to us.

You can find a full list of our targets here.

Abusive, racist or aggressive language will not be tolerated and we will not engage with any person whose communication, either written or oral, contains foul language directed at a staff member. We will write to advise you if we determine that you are not taking the complaint process seriously or if any further communication will not add value or change the outcome.

Here are a number of circumstances where we will not be able to help you.

How we work

If you ask us to look into your complaint about a transport company, we will review your issues impartially before deciding if we can help.

If we can progress your complaint we will consider if the transport company:

  • Handled your complaint in a timely manner
  • Answered all the questions you have raised in your complaint
  • Gave factual and accurate information
  • Was clear and easy to understand
  • Explained the steps taken to deal with the problem where applicable
  • Made efforts to secure an apology or amount of compensation/refund within industry guidelines.
  • If London TravelWatch does not think that the company has handled your complaint appropriately then they will ask it to reconsider.

Beyond London TravelWatch

Unfortunately, even though we have handled your complaint in line with our complaints procedure there may still be times when we are not able to achieve the outcome you want. If you feel that we have not handled your complaint properly, please contact the caseworker dealing with your complaint in the first instance.

If you are unsatisfied with the response from us and contact us again, we will review your complaint.

In this review we will consider:

  • Whether we have dealt with your case appropriately and within our timescales
  • Any other new information which could affect your complaint

If you are still not happy with how we have handled your case, you will be advised how you can contact the Head of Casework.

Contact London TravelWatch’s Chief Executive for any complaints about a staff member outlining the reasons for your dissatisfaction. The Chief Executive will investigate all complaints about London TravelWatch staff members but will not reinvestigate your original complaint with the transport provider or ticket retailer.

Unreasonable and unreasonably persistent behaviour

A very small number of passengers can take up an unreasonable and disproportionate amount of resources. To manage this London TravelWatch may choose to invoke the following policy to manage unreasonable or unreasonably persistent contact.