Covid-19: have your say on street and transport changes

Street_signThe Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in numerous changes to London’s streets and transport network. London TravelWatch is encouraging Londoners to provide feedback on these changes.

The spread of Covid-19 has led to rapid alterations to London to allow for social distancing. Transport services have been changed and streets have been modified to allow people to stay a safe distance from one another. 

In addition, much of the focus from central and local government has been to encourage more walking and cycling – otherwise known as active travel – to provide more room for those who have to use public transport. (Photo credit: Julie-Ann Gylaitis)

Rapid changes

Changes to facilitate active travel include widening pavements, closing streets to motor vehicles and providing pop-up cycle lanes. More changes are in the pipeline and some could become permanent as the city adapts to new ways of living, working and travelling.

But many Londoners will not be aware they can get involved in consultations about these changes. Without proper involvement from the community and transport users, there is a risk that some of these well-intentioned schemes could end up restricting access for some or miss wider opportunities that would benefit more people.

How to have your say

To help Londoners get involved in street and transport changes, London TravelWatch has collated a range of resources to make it as easy as possible to share your ideas or concerns.

There are 34 different authorities controlling roads and transport in London including local councils and Transport for London, so finding the right one to approach can be difficult. London TravelWatch has compiled a guide to deciding who to contact and how to contact them. There is also a comprehensive guide to how active travel changes are being brought in across London.

Contact the right authority

Download the detailed ‘Have your say’ guide (PDF)

Download the detailed ‘Have your say’ guide in large print

Download the detailed ‘Have your say’ guide in plain text

You can also sign up to join a growing community of people who want to make travelling around London as safe and easy as possible.