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make-a-complaint-onlineLondon TravelWatch is the voice of London's transport users and the statutory appeals body. If you have a complaint or problem with any aspect of transport in London and the surrounding area, we can help.

We examine all complaints bought to us by people who are unhappy with responses they have received from their transport or service provider, and seek redress on their behalf.  

The complaints process

Most problems can be resolved by dealing directly with the company or provider responsible and we will not get involved until the company or provider has had a chance to resolve the matter.

However, if after complaining directly you are unhappy with the response, do not think it has been handled appropriately or have not received a response at all, we will then examine your complaint and make representations on your behalf. 

Appealing your complaint

If you have already made a complaint and are ready to contact London TravelWatch, you can find advice and our contact details on our Appeals page, or use our online complaints form.  

You can find further details about how we will investigate your problem in our guide: Dealing With Your Complaint.

Beyond London TravelWatch

Unfortunately, there may be times when we are not able to achieve the outcome you want. If you feel that we have not handled your complaint properly, please contact the caseworker dealing with your complaint in the first instance.

If there is anything else you are not happy about, you can find further information on how you can complain in our guide: Dealing With Your Complaint.

If you are still not happy with how we have handled your case, you can also: