How do I complain about a service?

If you have a complaint about a service you must first contact the company which operates the train, bus, or other means of transport with which you have a problem. It tells you how to do this on our complaints page.

Can you help me with travel information?

You can find out who to contact to get travel information on our news and information page.

Where can I find fares information?

The Transport for London and National Rail websites contain details of fares and forthcoming fare increases. If you plan to travel on Eurostar you can see the cost of their fares on their website.

What do I do if I think I have been unjustly given a penalty fare or unpaid fares notice?

You have a right to appeal if you think you have been unfairly given a penalty fare or unpaid fares notice. You can find out how to do this on our Penalty Fares page.

How can I get my lost property back?

If you have lost an item on a London bus within two days you should contact the operator. If you lost an item on a London bus longer than two days previously or have lost an item on any other Transport for London service, please fill out an enquiry form on TfL’s website.

For all other transport operators, you should contact the relevant transport operator for details of their lost property arrangements.

What are my rights as a passenger?

You can find out about the commitments made by operators, including the levels of service you should expect, claiming compensation, dealing with penalty fares and lost property in the advice section of our website.

How do I claim compensation if my train or Underground journey is delayed or cancelled?

You can find out how to claim compensation for delays or cancellations on our refunds and compensation page.

Can I get a refund if I no longer need my season ticket?

If you hand in your ticket early, you will not get a pro-rata refund on an annual season ticket. Annual season tickets are sold at a discount (about 25%) compared to the equivalent number of weekly tickets. Therefore, to put it another way, the last 10 weeks of travel are ‘free’. For this reason, the ‘free’ part of the ticket is taken into account when calculating any refunds so this may mean that you will receive less than what you may have been expecting and sometimes there is little or no value left on a ticket that has been used for several months.

Can I claim for my taxi fare if my train journey has been disrupted?

Train companies will often make arrangements with taxi companies when there is severe disruption to their services to ensure that you can get to your destination. However, they will only very rarely refund claims for passengers who have made their own arrangements. Therefore you should seek written permission from an authorised member of that company’s staff, such as a station supervisor, before taking your taxi. If you do claim, the train company will need a copy of your receipt.

How do I appeal against a parking / bus lane / congestion charge / traffic violation ticket?

You should follow the instructions on the Penalty Charge Notice and appeal to either the borough council or Transport for London (on the red routes) in the first instance. If your appeal is not upheld then you can appeal to the independent adjudicator whose address will be stated on the decision paperwork.