10 May 2021

Responding to the letter sent by disability advocacy group, Transport For All, to Westminster Council today about the need for accessible street space in Soho, London TravelWatch Director, Emma Gibson commented:  ‘During the pandemic TfL and local authorities have widened pavements in many areas to make it easier for people to social distance and this has been a welcome change. But as lockdown eases, outside dining areas on the pavement are making it harder to social distance, particularly for wheelchair users and those with prams or luggage. In the past we’ve highlighted the problems posed by street clutter like A boards so it is disappointing to hear about the latest experiences highlighted by Transport for All in Soho, where tables and chairs have added to other street clutter and made it almost impossible to get around. We support their calls for Westminster Council to look again and create clear routes of access on their streets, adding dropped kerbs where they are needed so that everyone can get around unhindered.’

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