18 January 2023

Passengers are finding it really difficult at the moment, with 13 days of strike action set to take place on London transport alone this January. We would want to see the detail of any new minimum service level legislation and how it would work practically for passengers.

We would want to know if a minimum service level would be consistent across the country and for different types of transport? Would there be more staff on hand to help those who need extra support? Would passengers still be expected to pay full fares if services are running but at a reduced frequency?

This is important to know as even when a ‘good service’ is running currently, disabled passengers can often struggle to get onto London buses, especially at busy times. The majority of railway and tube stations are already inaccessible for disabled people. And as anyone who has tried to travel with a buggy or heavy luggage knows, broken down or non-existent lifts and escalators can make or break your day when using public transport.

Passengers need to be consulted as part of any proposed changes.

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