London TravelWatch response to the publication of TfL’s financial sustainability plan

15 January 2021

Responding to the publication of TfL’s financial sustainability plan today, London TravelWatch Director, Emma Gibson commented:

‘We’re really pleased that TfL are not advocating for more fare rises or significant service cuts, both of which would negatively affect Londoners and could lead to a car-led recovery from the pandemic. We’re also pleased that TfL recognise how important the bus is for Londoners and are looking at increasing buses in outer London town centres, something we’ve been asking for in our future transport system.

But we’re worried about an overall reduction in the number of miles that buses cover, and that the planned reduction in off peak Tube services is counter to the new way that people are moving around, with more take-up of off-peak services because of home-working.

Of course if TfL don’t get the sustainable funding that they are asking for then London’s transport could see a return to the 1970s, when it was on its knees, with a very poor safety record.’

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