London TravelWatch comment on Government campaign to encourage more people to return to work from their offices

16 September 2020

As the Government prepares to launch its campaign to encourage more people to return to work in offices across the country, Emma Gibson, Director of London TravelWatch highlighted that attitudes towards commuting are changing: ‘Our weekly surveys with Transport Focus have consistently shown that around 50% of respondents expect to work from home more often in the future so the “new normal” might be very different after the pandemic.’ She added ‘ To enable social distancing on tubes and buses it is clear that a large number of people will have to continue working at home and offices will have to stagger their working times so as not to overwhelm public transport during rush hour. And if the Government wants to encourage people to start commuting in from the home counties again, flexible season tickets for the new cohort of part time commuters are going to be needed.’

London TravelWatch London TravelWatch London TravelWatch
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