05 July 2023

Passengers are today (Wednesday 5 July) being asked for their views on the proposed closure of many ticket offices across England.

As part of the public consultation, independent watchdog, London TravelWatch wants to hear from passengers. We will use this feedback to formally respond to the rail industry about the proposals.

We encourage passengers to look at train operator proposals to change ticket offices and how it sells tickets at stations.

Passengers with comments about any of the changes, should get in touch by Wednesday 26 July and make it clear which station they are commenting on.

Your local station will have posters with an email and postal address to contact. Your train operator will also have further information on their website about their plans.

If your local station is based outside of the London TravelWatch zone (see our coverage area), then you should contact independent watchdog Transport Focus.

As part of this consultation process, London Travelwatch will look into whether the proposed changes will impact passengers’ ability to buy a ticket, the level of staff presence at stations and operators’ ability to deliver services for Disabled passengers.

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive for London TravelWatch, said:

Your voice as a passenger is fundamental to this whole process. We’re urging you to check your local station for details on how to feed back your views, either by email or in writing.

Find out more about the ticket office consultation process:


It is a regulatory requirement as part of the industry process that London TravelWatch and passengers are consulted. London TravelWatch will review the impact of the proposed changes and passenger comments received before responding to train operators proposals.

Notes to editors

View our video of Michael Roberts, Chief Executive, setting out the statutory obligation of London TravelWatch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Vcd-xMJmnk

More information (including details of how to respond to each individual train operator / station consultation by email and post) will be available online from 10:30 on Wednesday 5 July at: www.londontravelwatch.org.uk

You can write to: London TravelWatch (Freepost) RTEH-XAGE-BYKZ, PO Box 5594, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 9PZ.

For ticket offices outside of the LondonTravelWatch area, please contact Transport Focus: www.transportfocus.org.uk

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