Web accessibility guidelines

We want everyone to be able to access the services provided on this website. We are committed to following website accessibility best practice, in particular the W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure that the site is easy to use.

Our site is designed to comply with the Equality Act 2010 which requires the websites of public and private sector organisations to be accessible to all.

We have given detailed consideration to the design, type sizes and colour contrasts used on the site, to make it easier to read. However, if you are having difficulty, there are things you can do.

You can change some of the options in your Internet browser (at the top of this window), and you will be able to:

  • alter the size and colour of most text (but not images)
  • alter the background colour (black text on a yellow background gives the most contrast)
  • alter the line length, by changing the size and shape of your browser window
  • override the colour schemes of this website and others with your preferred settings

All the suggestions outlined below will improve the accessibility of webpages of every site you visit. They will not, however, affect images on the screen.

The links below give advice on how to improve the accessibility of webpages which are viewed through the Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. Users may also find these links to the Jaws screen reader for Windows and the Lynx text only browser useful.

Microsoft Edge

For information on how to improve the accessibility of the Microsoft Edge browser, you can visit the Microsoft accessibility page.  It will depend which version of Internet Explorer you are using.

Google Chrome

For information on how to improve the accessibility of the Google Chrome browser you can visit Google’s accessibility page.


You can find out how to improve the accessibility of the Firefox browser by visiting their accessibility features webpage.


Apple’s accessibility page contains information on how to improve the accessibility of their Safari browser.

If you would like to sign up to the London TravelWatch’s digital community, please email info@londontravelwatch.org.uk and a member of our team will help you.