Our Casework Team investigates appeals to complaints made against Transport for London (TfL), Eurostar and some rail operators. We have no powers to force transport operators to do as we ask, so we use negotiation and persuasion to try and get a good outcome for the passenger – and more often than not we succeed.

Our Campaigns and Advocacy and Communications teams run our campaigns and advocacy work to apply pressure to the transport industry both behind the scenes and publicly to try to make the travelling experience of Londoners better.

Our current members of staff as of April 2024:


Michael Roberts, Chief Executive


Mags Croucher, Senior Casework Officer

Sean Goss, Casework Officer

Susan James, Head of Casework

Fayza Patel, Casework Officer

Campaigns and Advocacy

Sasha Langeveldt, Campaigns and Advocacy Officer

Trevor Rosenberg, Policy and Advocacy Officer

Alex Smith, Head of Campaigns


Luke Muskett, Communications and Operations Officer

Eloise Williams, Administrative Officer

London TravelWatch work in partnership with our sister watchdog Transport Focus

As an organisation, we place a great deal of emphasis on co-operative team working, and have a culture placing high value on integrity and openness. We are committed to the equal treatment of all staff, irrespective of race, ethnicity or disability.


London TravelWatch staffing structure – April 2024

London TravelWatch salary bands