London TravelWatch is the appeals body for complaints made about Transport for London, Eurostar, and some rail companies. We also handle complaints about Victoria coach station (but not coaches).

Our casework team, as well as dealing with appeals, also handle enquiries about Penalty Fare Notices and Penalty Charge Notices. However, we are only able to ensure that the appeal process has been correctly followed and do not have the power to overturn a decision that has already been made.

As a statutory appeals/consumer body we are always keen to engage with members of the public and listen to their feedback about the transport issues they may face. If you would like to help us and get involved, please sign up to our digital community. There we will send you regular news updates and helpful information, and also seek your opinion on the latest things happening in transport across London.

London TravelWatch’s remit is set by Parliament and, as a result, there are some issues that we are unable to address.

People who have complaints with most train companies will be directed by the operator to the rail ombudsman at eight weeks (or before) if no resolution has been reached. Those complaints that are not within the scope of the ombudsman but within our geographical area will be passed to us. Cases outside of our area will be passed onto the appropriate organisation that handles them.

For complaints about buses or coaches outside of the London area – please contact Bus Users UK.

For rail complaints other than for Eurostar, please contact the rail ombudsman. Telephone: 0330 094 0362.

Unfortunately, there will be other times when we will not be able to help passengers. Please see this list of circumstances where this will be the case.