16 August 2021

Responding to the news that the rail industry hold data which predicts how many people might be expected to die of Covid in the next few months after travelling on the train, Director of London TravelWatch, Emma Gibson said:

“London TravelWatch have repeatedly asked the rail industry to release their data on the risks of catching Covid on the train, so that passengers can make an informed choice about whether to travel. But they have refused to do so. On the day that a new TV ad campaign is encouraging us all to return to rail travel, surely this is the right moment to finally let us see it.

If a major supermarket were running an ad campaign encouraging us to stop shopping online and return to shopping in-store, but at the same time were sitting on statistics which showed the number of people who might die as a result, there would be a public outcry. The rail industry’s ad campaign is irresponsible and they must now release the data that they have, in order to build back trust with passengers.”


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