18 March 2021

Accessible streets, inclusive policy-making, giving the bus priority, orbital transport links and flexible ticketing options to reflect changing travel patterns – just a few of the key priorities identified by Londoners in a wide-ranging report on future transport published today by London’s transport watchdog.

The Journey Ahead*, will be launched at a live London TravelWatch webinar on 4 March at 2pm. It draws on evidence gathered from a survey of transport users and interviews with representative organisations, politicians, business organisations and the transport industry to get their view on how the future might look and an understanding of what people need when it comes to transport in London as things start to get back to normal.

London TravelWatch Director, Emma Gibson commented: ‘The pandemic has thrown into question many of the assumptions and predictions about how people will travel in London in the future. Great inequalities have become apparent in the last year and we need to prioritise making transport accessible and affordable so that everyone can get back on board. It was no surprise to us that Londoners listed reliability, safety and accessibility as their top priorities. But we also found that many people shared an urgent desire to travel in a more environmentally- friendly way, and clean up London’s air.

Emma continued: ‘The Journey Ahead is our call to action to London’s decision-makers and policy-makers. Transport that gets people where they want to go, safely and reliably, will be key to London’s recovery so it’s important that we ask people what they want and need from our transport system when planning for the future.’

London TravelWatch’s held the launch webinar live on YouTube on Thursday 4 March. If you were unable to attend the full version can now be watched on our YouTube channel.

* a plain text version of the report can be downloaded here

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