17 December 2021

Commenting on the announcement that the annual rail fares increase will be deferred from January to March 2022, Emma Gibson, Director of London TravelWatch said:

‘It’s going to be a relief to London rail passengers that the National Rail fares increase has been delayed until March although it just means passengers, many of whom have already suffered financially during the pandemic, will be hit in the pocket a few months later. We are waiting to see how other fares in London will be affected by the awaited financial deal between TfL and the Government, but when these fares are set, it is really important that bus fares are kept low, as buses are most used by lower income Londoners and key workers who have kept London going throughout the pandemic and who are often not able to work from home.

It’s important to remember that 27% of Londoners are living in poverty, one of the highest levels in the UK. A fully laden bus can also take up to 75 cars off the road and make a real contribution towards cutting congestion, improving air quality and decarbonising transport.’

London TravelWatch London TravelWatch London TravelWatch
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