26 July 2021

Commenting on the publication of TfL’s revised budget which is due to be discussed at this week’s TfL Board meeting, London TravelWatch Chair, Arthur Leathley said: ‘Londoners will be worried about an overall reduction in the number of miles that buses travel. And they will be concerned about reductions in off peak Tube services which contradict the new way that people are moving around, with more use of off-peak services because of home-working and an increased demand for leisure travel. It is also disappointing that the need to make savings has reduced TfL’s ability to deliver active travel and Borough travel schemes, as cycling and walking were popular during the pandemic. This latest report once again highlights TfL’s reliance on fares revenue, the uncertainty around future demand for public transport in the capital and the need for a long term settlement from the Government.’

London TravelWatch London TravelWatch London TravelWatch
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