How we prioritise our work

London TravelWatch will keep its work priorities under review by means of a simple set of criteria. These criteria are similar to those used by other consumer protection and enforcement bodies and will allow London TravelWatch to plan and co-ordinate its activity with other consumer bodies and the London Assembly.

The criteria set out below will be used to assess the strength of the case to undertake the work.   These will help to demonstrate the extent to which the issue is relevant for London TravelWatch and the extent to which it impacts on transport users (either generally or on a particular group which London TravelWatch wishes to target, for example due to vulnerability or linked to a specific geographical area).

If there is a strong case according to these two sets of criteria, then consideration can be given to the resource implications and timing of the work.

Relevance of the issue for London TravelWatch

We will define the relevance of the issue to London TravelWatch according to the following criteria:-

  • Confirm that it is in the scope of London TravelWatch’s remit and the extent to which we have discretion over becoming involved.
  • Does London TravelWatch have a distinct contribution to make?
  • Why is it important?
  • Is this a problem now or is it likely to be one in future?
  • What is the cost of inaction?
  • How strong is the evidence?
  • What opportunities will there be for London TravelWatch to influence the situation?

Impact on transport users in the London TravelWatch area

To identify the impact of the issue on transport users in the London TravelWatch area we will look at what the evidence shows about the impact of the problem.

We will consider whether there is a detriment or benefit to transport users. To do this we will define the impact taking into account the following criteria:-

  • Numbers of transport users affected
  • Whether it has implications for more than one mode of transport
  • Distribution of impact on transport users in Greater London and the wider London Railway area
  • Impact on transport users in vulnerable situations, especially the elderly and those with mobility impairments or those that London TravelWatch has judged should be given greater priority
  • Impact on future transport users
  • Impact on or links to of other London TravelWatch policies or previous research  
  • Whether there is a strong, very strong or escalating effect on users.

The tests above will be applied to establish whether or not London TravelWatch should become involved in new activities as well as the extent and timescales of involvement.

We apply these broad principles to our day to day work but also to new projects and research that we may undertake form time to time as part of our agreed Business Plan.