New fixed bus stops will improve accessibility and give thousands of passengers greater clarity

New fixed bus stops will improve accessibility and give thousands of passengers greater clarity

16 September 2019

London TravelWatch welcomes the conversion of the hail and ride sections of route B13 between New Eltham and Bexleyheath to fixed bus stop locations on Saturday 21 September. This is one of over 75 sections of London bus route that do not have fixed bus stops.

London TravelWatch Chair, Arthur Leathley commented: 'We have long advocated for fixed bus stops to be introduced as a reasonable adjustment to make London’s bus services accessible to everyone. By enabling the driver to pull the bus in parallel to a kerb of appropriate height at a fixed bus stop, full use can be made of the low floor, kneeling feature and wheelchair ramp on every bus. This makes getting on and off buses easier for older and disabled people, wheelchair users and parents with buggies and young children.'

Buses operating to fixed bus stops provide visually impaired passengers, those with learning difficulties or mobility restrictions and anyone unfamiliar with the area with a clear indication of where they will stop. They also run to a timetable, which allows Transport for London (TfL) to provide real time information to passengers with mobile devices, more details for journey planning and next stop information on the bus.

London TravelWatch has been researching the issue of hail and ride bus routes and continues to liaise with TfL and London boroughs to promote the conversion of hail and ride sections to fixed bus stops.


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