London TravelWatch photocopier tender

07 March 2019

We are looking to lease a photocopier capable of printing and copying in colour and black and white, scanning documents and stapling, with support and maintenance included in the contract. We have relatively low usage which peaks when we have to print 14 sets of up to 40 pages once a month but this would be our only copier so must be reliable.

Our current copier is a Sharp MX2314 but we do not favour a particular make or model.

Timescales and evaluation

Our current contract ends at the end of November and we are required to give three months’ notice to our current supplier should we wish to leave them. We are also open to being bought out of the rest of our contract – please let us know if you would be interested in doing this.

Please quote either a total annual cost for a three or five year contract or a rental cost and print costs for black and white, colour and scans. The volume of printing varies and may fall this year so please state if the per page print costs vary depending on volume. If ink and staples are not included please state how much extra these would be. Please also outline any annual cost increases within the contract.

We also require details of call out response times and costs (if applicable)

Please include any delivery costs and any warranty information. The Tender bids will be judged on the following criteria:

  • price
  • spec and support offered
  • warranty

Please email your quote to marked 'Photocopier tender' by 5pm on 29 March.

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