Have your say on Hail and Ride bus routes

Have your say on Hail and Ride bus routes

14 February 2019 We have worked hard to get fixed bus stops to be accessible and are really pleased that 95% now are. However, we are now looking to improve the accessibility of 'Hail and Ride' services.

Hail and Ride bus services are those which can be hailed at any safe location along the route. We are currently researching these services in our work with Transport for London to consider the conversion of some of these route sections to fixed, accessible bus stops.

We have produced a survey to gauge the views of transport users and your responses to our questions will be a valuable part of our evidence gathering.

We have also produced a specific survey about the S3 bus service for residents around Carshalton to complete. The S3 mostly operates on Hail and Ride roads in this area. If you live on or near the route in Carshalton, please participate in the survey.

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