A change in attitude towards the private car is needed to increase cycling says watchdog

A change in attitude towards the private car is needed to increase cycling says watchdog

22 December 2017

A London TravelWatch report has concluded that measures to restrain car travel will be needed if the number of people cycling in London is to match the levels of many European cities. Cycling in London, published today, sets out 12 policies to get more Londoners cycling – such as more sophisticated roads pricing, tighter parking rules to restrain driving and car-free housing.

John Stewart, Deputy Chair of London TravelWatch, said:

“It is an exciting time for transport in London. The new Mayor’s Transport Strategy will put active travel centre stage. A big part of this will be getting many more of us to cycle in and around London.”

He added:

“It is clear that if more Londoners are to be encouraged to cycle, then there needs to be a package of measures to support this.  Measures such as cycle-specific infrastructure, cycle parking and cycle training and will play an important part. However the learning from European cities with high cycling levels is that only substantial measures like roads pricing, closing streets to motor vehicles and parking policies to restrain driving, will really change travel behaviour and result in much more cycling.”

He continued:

“We are also keen to see innovation around creating cycling hubs at outer London stations to enable linked cycle and rail trips. We have commissioned mapping (see below) that demonstrates that most outer-London residents live easily within 15 minutes’ cycle ride of at least one zone 5 or 6 station.

Further information

  1. London TravelWatch is the operating name for the London Transport Users Committee. We are the official watchdog representing the interests of transport users in and around London, and independent of the transport operators and government. London TravelWatch is sponsored and funded by the London Assembly, part of the Greater London Authority.
  2. Follow London TravelWatch on Twitter and You Tube.
  3. For more information, please contact the London TravelWatch press office on 020 3176 5941 or 07734 055494.
  4. The report can be found here.  Below is a summary of the reports recommendations:
    1. A wider and more sophisticated system of roads pricing – charging for the use of the busiest roads at the busiest times;
    2. Parking policies to restrain driving – reducing parking availability in areas and at times where non-car modes are good;
    3. Car-free housing development – housing without on or off-street parking;
    4. Closing minor roads and central areas to through motor traffic, thereby improving local streets for cycling and walking;
    5. Slower speed initiatives using traffic calming, activating the street and introducing appropriate speed limits;
    6. Cycle specific infrastructure – lanes, tracks, advanced stop lines (see Appendix D for some issues that should be considered when designing for cycling);
    7. Clear space for cycling – wide inside lanes, 24/7 bus lanes, bus and cycle only streets and parking restrictions on main roads;
    8. Highways and traffic management changes targeted at those locations most problematical for cycles;
    9. Side road entry treatments and the removal of left slip lanes – re-engineering intersections to make them safer;
    10. Training education and enforcement;
    11. Cycle parking and storage at home;
    12. Rail stations as cycle hubs enabling more linked cycle and rail trips.
  5. The image above demonstrates that most outer London residents live less than 15 minutes cycle ride from a zone 5 or 6 station and that many linked cycle-rail trips are therefore possible in outer London.

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