London TravelWatch Congestion Charge consultation response calls for more bus priority and a detailed look at roads pricing

06 October 2021

Commenting on London TravelWatch’s submission to TfL’s consultation on new Congestion Charge proposals, London TravelWatch Director, Emma Gibson said:

‘We support the principle of congestion charging as it is currently the only realistic way of tackling congestion and managing the demand for road space in London. However, alongside this, much more must be done to prioritise the bus such as introducing longer operational hours for bus lanes, a review of parking on bus routes, and more bus and cycle only streets.

It is also the time to look in detail at a wider, more sophisticated form of roads pricing, which would charge per mile travelled and according to local demand. As well as more fairly allocating the external costs to those who benefit from being able to drive in free-flowing conditions, it would improve bus services by reducing delays, pay for more services, provide a better walking and cycling environment and help decarbonise the transport system.’

London TravelWatch London TravelWatch London TravelWatch
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