Frequently asked questions about contactless payments

Below we answer some frequently asked questions about contactless payments.  TfL have a page on their website about contactless payments and the independent website, Oyster Rail also discusses the pros and cons of Oyster vs Contactless payments.

If you have less than £1.50 on your card can your account go overdrawn if you use contactless payments or is this element of your account kept separate?

Will the daily, weekly, monthly cap be applied in a similar way to the way in which Oyster applies a cap?

How will the machine indicate a rejected payment? Does it give the reason for rejection?

Who should people contact if there is a problem with their payment?

Will you/can you get a receipt for your Contactless payment?

How close do you have to get to the reader for it to register?

Can you get charged twice if you have two cards in your wallet or an Oyster and a payment card or will it reject the transaction?

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