Regular travellers/commuters

If you travel regularly or commute around London, a season ticket will usually provide the best deal for you. The most popular are weekly, monthly or annual tickets. They allow unlimited travel in London and are sold according to the London fare zones or as railway tickets between specific stations. 

You do not need a photocard for weekly season tickets, but do for monthly and annual ones. Hoewever, if you lose your weekly season ticket, you cannot claim a refund or replacement.

Annual season tickets generally provide the best value as you will get about a year's travel for the price of 10 months'. An annual season ticket also gives you Gold Card discounts (see Discount Railcards). If you make the same journey more than three or four times a week, on most routes, season tickets will be the best value for money. 

We always advise to make sure you renew your season ticket before annual fare rises (usually 2 January), so any fare rises are, at least, held off for a year. 

However, you should always check the TfL Single Fare Finder, as for some people making fewer, shorter journeys in particular, it may still be cheaper to use Oyster Pay As You Go.

Passengers should also read the National Rail Conditions of Travel.  

Some employers offer staff a low interest/interest free season ticket loan to help them spread the cost of their travel.  There are also private companies, which run schemes to allow commuters to spread the cost of an annual season ticket for a fee.  One such organisation is Commuter Club, which charges commuters a fee of 5.6% a year.