Punctuality data

What was the issue for passengers?

The current way of measuring train punctuality using the Public Performance Measure (PPM) does not provide passengers with the full picture about the performance of their rail services as trains can arrive up to five minutes late and still be classed as arriving ‘on time’. There is a more accurate measure of punctuality, known as ‘right time arrivals’ but this is not broken down into peak and off peak performance.

What did we do?

We wrote to the Rail Minister in December 2015 highlighting the significant gap in information available on punctuality and the fact that PPM is misleading as it understates the number of trains which do not arrive at the time they are supposed to. We called for a comprehensive published comparator of right time arrivals, broken down between peak and off peak services as it is for PPM.

What was the outcome?

The Rail Minister acknowledged the work we have done on this and committed the industry to a greater level of transparency when it comes to delivery of the timetable. One of the ways which National Rail operators will do this is through a new website and app, ‘My Journey’, which will enable to you to review performance statistics in a number of different ways including right time arrivals. The Minister also confirmed that Network Rail is reviewing the key performance indicators the industry will use to ensure performance measures better represents the passenger experience.