Recent casework successes

19 September 2018 The following are examples of recent casework successes we have had. You can read more in our section on getting results for passengers.
  • Ms T ordered an Apprentice Oyster photo card which never arrived.  She contacted TfL and eventually another one was sent, but in the meantime she had had to buy full price tickets.  TfL wouldn't refund the full cost of the fares as they aren't liable for lost Apprentice Oyster photocard but offered her £90. The passenger was not happy with this amount and approached London TravelWatch.  On appeal, TfL agreed that the passenger was out of pocket and increased the amount of goodwill offered.  The passenger was happy and accepted the offer.
  • Mr L made a mistake with the return date on his tickets from Lincoln back to London.  He contacted Virgin Trains East Coast to cancel the return tickets but they cancelled all the tickets so he had to rebook tickets for the outward journey as well as the return journey, at a non-discounted price.  Mr L came to London TravelWatch as Virgin were not prepared to refund him for the more expensive tickets he’d had to book as a result of their error.  A couple of months after appealing the case, Mr L informed London TravelWatch that Virgin had settled in full.
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