Watchdog welcomes decision to give buses priority during emergency roadworks

26 February 2018

There are emergency roadworks on London Bridge today. As a result, London Bridge is closed northbound to all traffic except buses, taxis, cycles and of course pedestrians and emergency services. Prioritising bus services in this way was one of the 'asks' London TravelWatch made of Mayoral candidates before the 2016 Mayoral election: 'Buses must be given more priority on London’s roads and, wherever possible, should be able to stay on their routes through roadworks'.

'Whilst disruption to traffic crossing London Bridge is regrettable, we are pleased that TfL has responded to our longstanding request for buses to be allowed to stay on their route when roadworks are taking place, if at all possible', said Janet Cooke, Chief Executive of London TravelWatch.

Janet Cooke continued: ‘Unlike all other traffic, bus services can’t simply be diverted away from streets with roadworks. If they are, passengers will be severely delayed and some will be waiting not knowing what has happened to their service. This is a good initiative and we hope it can be repeated in the future when roadworks take place on bus routes’.

Further information

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