Watchdog welcomes extension of hopper fare & TfL fares freeze but disappointmented that Travelcard prices will rise again in 2018

16 November 2017

London’s passenger watchdog has welcomed the confirmation from the Mayor of London today that the one hour hopper fare on buses and trams in London will allow unlimited changes early next year and that TfL fares will be frozen. However, the Mayor also announced that Travelcard prices will rise again next year as a result of increases in National Rail fares which is bad news for commuters.

Chair of London TravelWatch, Arthur Leathley commented: 'The move to make the hopper fare unlimited will make bus and tram travel even more affordable for passengers. This and the fact that TfL fares will remain the same will particularly benefit people on lower incomes with long or complex journeys to work.

However, commuters will be disappointed to see that Travelcard prices will rise in the new year, despite continuing poor performance and crowded services, as these take into account National Rail fares and are out of the Mayor’s control.'

London TravelWatch’s latest research has shown that season ticket holders feel like they are being taken for granted by operators despite paying thousands of pounds to travel to and from work. The watchdog suggested a number of changes that operators could make to improve the season ticket value for money.

Further information

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