Passenger watchdog backs Which? calls for train operators to properly inform passengers of their rights

25 February 2017

London’s independent passenger watchdog has today given its strong support to the call from consumer organisation, Which? for train operators to stop hiding behind industry-wide terms and conditions which make it difficult for passengers to claim for consequential loss.

Which? argue in a letter to train operators that the 2015 Consumer Rights Act gives passengers the right to claim for consequential losses such as reasonable costs for missed flights, taxi fares or child-minding fees that result from a delayed or cancelled train. London TravelWatch has already made a detailed assessment of the application of the Consumer Rights Act to train operators, and takes full account of this in its day to day casework - for example in pressing for reasonable compensation for passengers where there are very clear cut cases of consequential loss following a delayed or cancelled train.

Stephen Locke, London TravelWatch Chair commented: “Since October 2016, train passengers have had new rights to claim in a wide range of situations.  The law now requires that train services should match up to what has been agreed, for example on the basis of information provided, and what should happen when they do not, or when they are not provided with reasonable care and skill. However, many people may be unaware of these rights and too many train operators are still providing misleading information which is based on industry-wide terms and conditions. It is unacceptable that they should attempt to limit their liability to passengers in this way. We are pleased that Which? is putting pressure on operators to fulfil their obligations to passengers, and we will continue to press for passengers to get their full legal rights.”

Further information

  • London TravelWatch is the operating name for the London Transport Users Committee. We are the official watchdog representing the interests of transport users in and around London, and independent of the transport operators and government. London TravelWatch is sponsored and funded by the London Assembly, part of the Greater London Authority. We look into complaints from people unhappy with the response they have received from their transport provider. The complaints section on our website gives details on how passengers can appeal to us.

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  • More details on the Consumer Rights Act 2015 can be found on the website

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