Southern Rail passengers are reminded to claim compensation due to them

02 February 2017

Southern Rail has been contacting annual season ticket holders on their network to offer compensation for the poor performance of their services between 1 April 2016 and 31 December 2016.

However, holders of Annual Travelcard Season tickets where the ticket is held on an Oystercard  cannot be contacted by Southern due to data protection legislation. They need to go through a separate claims process which is set out in Southern’s 'Frequently asked Questions' on their website.

Janet Cooke, Chief Executive of London TravelWatch said: 'We urge passengers who have suffered considerable disruption over the past year, to claim what they are entitled to in terms of compensation.  The amount of compensation will range between £81 and £197 depending on the number of zones their Travelcard includes* but where the Travelcard is held on an Oystercard, there is danger that many regular users of Southern will miss out on the compensation due, if they do not put in a claim before the end of April 2017.'

Further information

  • See the table below which shows Annual Travelcard Season Ticket compensation levels

Zones included               2016 Price £                         1/12 Compensation due £

1-2                                       1296                                       108

1-3                                       1520                                       126.66

1-4                                       1860                                       155

1-5                                       2208                                       184

1-6                                       2364                                       197

2-3                                       972                                         81

2-4, 3-5, 4-6                         1072                                       89.33

2-5, 3-6                               1288                                       107.33

2-6                                      1620                                       135

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