LTUC gives qualified welcome to cashless bus proposals

06 May 2003

The London Transport Users Committee has told Transport for London that it fully supports the Mayor's aspirations to speed up bus journey times by making it easier for passengers to buy tickets before boarding the bus. The Committee has been encouraged by the success of the off-bus ticket sales arrangements already in place on a few routes in central London and hopes that the proposed extension of the system throughout the central area later this year will be equally successful.

The Committee is, however, concerned that the total removal of on-bus ticket sales could have some downsides, particularly for occasional bus users once the scheme is rolled out into the suburbs where it is not intended to provide a ticket machine at every bus stop. It has suggested to Transport for London that it should look at the systems in use in Aarhus and Tokyo where flat-fare ticket machines are provided on buses providing every passenger with an easy opportunity to buy a ticket.

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