An introduction to complaining


London TravelWatch is the voice of London’s transport users and the statutory appeals body. We examine all complaints brought to us by people who are unhappy with the responses they have received from the transport or service provider and, where appropriate, seek to achieve an improved outcome or signpost to a different consumer body. The London TravelWatch remit was set by Parliament which means that there are issues that we cannot help with.

We deal with all complaints from passengers using any Transport for London modes including some cycling and pedestrian issues, Victoria coach station (but not coaches or coach journeys), passengers using Eurostar (but not Eurotunnel),  the Heathrow Express rail service to Heathrow Airport and some aspects of rail travel including issues arising from the stations. We also deal with all rail complaints that are outside of the scope of the rail ombudsman and within our geographical remit.

Passengers who have complaints with rail operators will be signposted to the rail ombudsman at eight weeks (or before) if no resolution has been reached.  Those complaints that are not in the scope of the ombudsman will be passed to the appropriate organisation within whose remit the complaint falls.

For complaints regarding problems on buses or coaches outside of the London area, please contact Bus Users UK.

For rail complaints, please contact the rail ombudsman. Telephone: 0330 094 0362.

For rail complaints outside of the scope of the ombudsman and outside the geographical remit of London TravelWatch (see map), please contact Transport Focus.

View a list of circumstances where we will be not be able to help.