Casework successes

TfL Buses

Mr S complained to TfL about repair works for a leaking bus shelter back in January 2017 but at the beginning of July 2017 he appealed to us because the works had not been done.  On investigation we found that the complaint had been logged but the incorrect bus stop code was recorded and therefore the works were not carried out. Following our appeal, TfL have corrected their records, advised that another works order has been raised and given a completion date for the repairs.

Use of Oyster cards on river services

Due to cancellations in the service, Mrs B and her companions abandoned their journey on the Thames Clipper but they had already touched in with their Oyster cards. After unsuccessful claims to TfL, Mrs B approached London TravelWatch. The caseworker made a successful appeal and the Oyster cards used were credited with full refunds. Four single Thames Clipper tickets were also issued as a goodwill gesture for the inconvenience.

Stansted Express

Mr F was travelling on the Stansted Express but it fell far short of the advertised standards - no WiFi etc. He complained to the operator but compensation was not offered because Mr F had made the journey albeit without being able to take advantage of the standard amenities. The caseworker appealed citing the ‘Information of Service’ section in the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  Stansted Express understood our point of view and the passenger was refunded the total cost of the ticket.

East Midland Trains

Mr C complained about the ticket machines at St Pancras Station. In order for discounts to be applied for Annual Gold Card holders, passengers needed to select the ‘Network Railcard’ option. Mr C complained to East Midlands Trains (EMT) but their response simply advised that passengers must select the railcard option in order for the discount to be applied. We appealed this as the cards are not the same and both have differences in their validities. EMT responded and have confirmed that our feedback has been noted and a request has been logged with their Retail Manager to now include a Gold card option on the EMT ticket machines at St Pancras.


Ms T purchased tickets online and was expecting the delivery within five working days. However, the tickets were not delivered to her so she purchased more expensive tickets at the station.  When Ms T requested a refund for the tickets, she was advised that the original tickets would need to provided.  This was, of course not possible because they had not been delivered. We investigated the matter and found that the original tickets were not delivered as the postcode was incorrect and they had been returned to the operator. We therefore requested a refund for the more expensive tickets that were purchased on the day rather than the cheaper ticket purchased in advance.  Southeastern agreed and issued a refund of £70.